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round grommets in various designs and materials

Sealing grommets

many different versions, IP classes, with and without strain relief

Membrane grommets

with closed, cross-slit or perforated membrane, in different materials

Grommets in oval- and u-shape

open and closed grommets in u-shape and oval

Strain Relief Bushing

clamp wires and cables and protect them from tensile forces

Stepped and Multiple Grommets

cable grommets for different cable sizes and/or several cables

Cable Entry Plates

for the insertion of several cables in the tightest of spaces

Sleeved Grommets

mechanical protection of cables and wires in a wide range of variants

Protective and end caps

for protection in the cable connection area and for conduit ends

feet, buffers - Flanged, bushed grommets

various moulded rubber parts

Cable glands and accessories

made of polyamide and nickel-plated brass

Edge protection profiles

protects against sharp edges